Dental implants

Dental implants have been a part of stomatology for decades now. Implants enable biocompatible filling without the necessity of teeth polishing. It is a great alternative to prosthetic bridges. Apart from replacing single teeth, the implants are also used to fill in greater gaps (as bridgework pillars) or as a base for dentures mounting, by improving their stability and lessening jaw and mandible bone atrophy.

  • The crucial stage of the treatment is qualifying the patient for the procedure (not everyone can have an implant).
  • The procedure is performed under a local anaesthesia and is comfortable for the patient.
  • Implants are implemented in place of the missing teeth, by adjusting them to the mandible or jawbone.
  • As a result of integration, the bone interconnects with the implants’ surface – this makes them more stable and allows “screwing” visible, cosmetic fillings to them.